Lorry Crane Training

HIAB - Lorry Mounted Crane or Lorry Loader

HIAB Training Course

Unloading lorry with HIAB

Maximum of 3 people per course.

  • Refresher training - 1 day.
  • Experienced operator (no previous training or certificate) - 2 days.
  • Novice operator - 3 days.

Aim of the course

  • To provide training and knowledge in the safe and efficient operation of this specialist equipment.


  • Statutory Requirements
  • Relevant health & safety legislation
  • Safe working practice
  • Load stability


  • Introduction to the machine
  • Operator checks and maintenance
  • Practical operating skills test

HIAB Training at CRS Training Services

HIAB is actually a brand name which has slipped in to the language, the actual term which should be used is either "Lorry Mounted Crane" or "Lorry Loader". Designed to lift pallets of goods these cranes can save hours unloading but to ensure that accidents are minimized correct training is essential.

The search term on YouTube.com "Lorry mounted crane accidents" brings up thousands of results. It is very hard to believe that many of those accidents did not result in huge bills for someone and in many cases serious injury and worse.

Keep your operators safe with one of our courses.

Unloading a lorry with a HIAB Unloading a lorry with a HIAB Unloading a lorry with a HIAB