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Trailer / Caravan (B+E) Towing Courses – for all the know-how you need when towing

Do you need to tow a trailer, horsebox, caravan or even a boat?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then you may not be aware that since 1st January 1997 a new test was introduced by the licensing and testing authorities. Our trailer / caravan towing courses are perfect, as they will prepare you for every eventuality you are likely to experience whilst towing. Our trailer/caravan towing lessons will ensure you pass with flying colours, quickly and cost effectively.

However, it is still possible for you to tow a trailer as long as you meet certain criteria.  As the regulations in this area are complex please contact CRS Training to see if you should under go further training. Failure to comply with the new licensing laws can lead to a maximum of 9 penalty points, a £1000 fine or even a disqualification.

For any further information please contact CRS Training Services Ltd where we will be too pleased to help.

The details of the training method are as follows:-

To pass your B + E test you will need a current full Cat B licence and be 17 years old and above.

  • Training is on site and we have our own vehicles and reversing area to practice on before taking you test
  • Our tests are pre-booked and we guarantee dates available

Initially we would strongly recommend attending an assessment lesson, which would enable us to advise which training would be most suitable for you.

We have three trailer training options:-

Option 1 – One day course for those who can reverse well and are already experienced in using a trailer

Option 2 – Two day course for those who can reverse a vehicle confidently, but with limited experience in using a trailer

Option 3 – Three day course for novices and those with no experience of using a trailer

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