Instructional Techniques & Methods Training Course

Who Should Attend This Course:

Instructional TechniquesPotential instructors who wish to gain the skills and knowledge required to structure training/teaching programmes with the aim to deliver effective training within the working environment.

The Course Aim:

To teach the skills and knowledge required to be able to deliver structured theoretical and practical training within the workplace. 

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course successful delegates will be able to:

  1. Outline Health & Safety at Work in relation to the machine type or discipline they wish to teach in
  2. Outline Recommendations of Training
  3. Outline instructional techniques and methods of instruction including basic task analysis
  4. Demonstrate appropriate standards of operating ability on the intended machine type or relevant discipline
  5. Compile structured lesson plans
  6. Deliver a structured classroom lesson
  7. Deliver a structured practical session
  8. Demonstrate ability to compile an accurate, brief and clear report

Course Duration:

5 days (dependent upon numbers on course and training experience).

Course Entry Requirements:

Delegates must be qualified as an operator on the machine type or qualified in the discipline they wish to teach.

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Course Content:

  1. The Role of the Instructor
  2. Learning (Incentives and Methods)
  3. Principles of Instruction Basic Task Analysis
  4. Preparation of Lesson Plans
  5. The Classroom Lesson (Question & Answers)
  6. Effective use of Training Aids
  7. Hints on Speaking
  8. The use of Questions and Answers
  9. Practical Instruction (Demonstration)
  10. Practical Instruction (Practical Periods)
  11. Presenting Practical Lessons
  12. Methods of Assessment
  13. Report Writing
  14. Preparation Syllabuses and Programmes
  15. Safety (The Instructor's Responsibility)

Accrediting body:

ITSSAR (externally monitored).

Assessment method:

Delegates will be continuously assessed throughout the duration of the course.

Course Materials:

Delegates will receive the latest ITSSAR compendium that outlines the information delivered on the course along with other useful training aids.

Course Location:

This course can be delivered in our training centre in Lydney or onsite at your premises (subject to it being suitable).

Telephone: 01594 563 820
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